Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are made to watch cooking shows and wonder what will the coming week bring on! I'm a good cook, I enjoy creating simple healthy meals for my family. Some evenings, I just burn out, I will simply have a glass of wine, and we each fend for ourselves...and the kitchen is a huge mess! Getting back to my sunday cooking shows, I am trying out a quick pear tart with raw sugar and cinnamon... and my usual chicken milanesas (or fried chicken cutlets) .
Today I will give you more than 3 French Words, a  few short sentences;

I enjoy cooking: J'aime cuisiner!
I just burn out: Je suis a bout
I have a glass of wine: Je sirrote un verre de vin

That's it for now, until next.... month?

Cheers to my followers,  enjoy some good home cooking.

Charlotte Vazquez