Friday, February 6, 2009

The daily grind

Do animals feel the daily grind? One that comes to mind is the lioness, fetching and gathering and hopefully receiving something in return for her work. So as I start my morning commute, sitting in my bus with the same daily passengers, I stare out the window and read:"Pimpin aint easy" on the back of a dump truck. I wonder what possessed anyone to think this, let alone display it in large bold letters on the back on this truck? What does this really mean? Although the scenery never changes, I'm happy to still discover something new everyday.

The 3 words of the day are inspired by the daily grind!
The French would call it: METRO BOULOT DODO!

Winter's beauty

February always seems to be a very long month... despite the number of days! So if I lived in France today, I would be planning my winter vacation. This is almost mandatory in this culture... everyone has the right and should take a break during the long winter month. Most kids go skiing with their schools, or relatives, some go to sunny Morocco, and some just hope they didn't forget to shut off the water to their outdoor faucet.

3 words of the day are:
winter vacation: Vacance d'hivers
shut off: Fermer
faucet: robinet

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Paris in the summer

While travelling to France this summer, I realized how easily one can forget a language when not using it all the time, even your mother tongue... a very sad realization. Anyway, my endearing daughter and myself decided to go to France, just the two of us, a girls expedition.
This may have been one of my most memorable and lovely trip I ever took. Two weeks I will cherish for the rest of my life. However, I noticed she was fairly quiet, and avoided any contact with the waiters, store clerks, our wonderful baker..... the list goes on. She speaks French, but not fluent, and English really is her mother tongue. Finally under much pressure, she was forced to talk to the clerk if she was ever going to buy that "must have" pair of shoes. Yes, mother would not help, knowing perfectly well if she got lost in Paris she would be able to find her way, so I sat at a coffee shop in front of the store, and waited.
The shoes fit perfectly, and suddenly the quiet teenager was chatty again, and her French improved dramatically. While in High School, she's planning to spend a year in Paris with my sister !

Today's 3 words are:
Daughter: Fille
Baker: Boulanger
Shoes: Chaussures voila!


The Smart Car.... yes, it's very popular on parisian streets where parking is almost impossible. I love small cars, but I can't imagine living here with such a small car and a bunch of kids...and dogs. I gave up my motorcycle when I was pregnant, I bought a Jeep Grand Wagoneer... and loved it and eventually gave it to a charity... years pass, now my teenagers use public transportation, long boards, bicycles and I long for a Smart Car.....

today's 3 Words:
Smart Car: Smart Car
Streets: Rues
Public Transportation: Transport Public (metro, bus, train)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cole, a skateboard, a video

Cole is a dear friend of the family. His mother is among my dearest friends. Just like his skating skills, Cole's french vocabulary is amazing, everyday gets better.
That's all I have to say about that! enjoy his movie
My 3 words for the day are:
Great friend forever: Meilleurs amis pour toujours! (mapt)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


SPELL SOUPE is here to help.....
, with this blog I give you a blink of France, and 3 very useful words on each post, with a little extra.

I grew up in a very international setting, I am half Spanish by blood, but France is my native country. French is my mother tongue, and I believe I'm fluent in English. Some years ago I moved to Spain, figured one more language would be a good asset, and not too difficult to learn! HA... was I fooled! Not knowing the language means not being able to express any thought, opinion, converse for more than a minute, it defines who you are.....silence in a noisy room.
Advice of the day: learn as many languages as you can.
While traveling you may ask for directions, so here are
3 simple directions, but very important ones!
take a right : Tournez a droite
take a left: Tournez a gauche
go straight: Allez tout droit

Photo courtesy of Jojo-bean.
When learning new words, you may want to also learn classic recipes:
Creme Brulee can be topped with fruits, whipped cream, or your own distinctive creation.
These are the basic ingredients:
whipping cream, vanilla bean, lots of egg yolks, and sugar.
In French: Creme, Batonnet de Vanille, plein de Jaune d'oeufs, et du Sucre.