Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring break

Finally some time off! A vacation at home....just thinking about my next project, and what the future will bring. I think more about the flowers popping up everywhere than about looking for work! This state of mind is due to the current financial crisis. I am avoiding the issues like the plague, but sooner than later will have to focus entirely on finding more work! This vacation at home is also the time to do my taxes, organize my office (again) and battle the laundry. I'm pushing for "Less is More" and hope to win!

Today I will add a bit more to my 3 french words: sorry no pictures this time.

My vacation: Mes vacances [note in english it is singular while in french it is plural!]

My taxes: Mes impots

Look for work: Chercher du travail

Find work: Trouver du travail

Monday, March 2, 2009

Let it snow.....

I think snow storms create a unique atmosphere of "Happy Happy Joy Joy", everything is quiet and serene... I love it.Unfortunately I did forget to bring in some wood, so no sitting by the fire watching the flakes go by.... But I will still dream and wish to be on top of a steep mountain, with skis, blue sky, and a fast lift back up this very long slope. At the end of this great day of skiing, the last slope ends with an irish coffee near a fire with my husband and our friends, wondering when we go back up.....

In the real world, I am in love with my husband, and the snow covering my yard waste! The ski trip is for another time.....

My 3 words are:
Blue sky: Ciel bleu [sky is ciel]
Mountain: Montagne
Husband: Mari or Epoux

Sunday, March 1, 2009

..a few weeks later

First there was sleet, then snow. I love snow, I love walking in snow, and mostly how everything looks so different in snow. The dirty, grimy outdoor table suddenly looks pleasing...my pile of yard waste, sitting in my driveway, waiting to decompose, suddenly looks a little bit neater! Thank you Snow for covering all those things and many more

...wouldn't it be nice if it could also cover my school payments!

so the words for the day are described in my pictures.
Hello / Snow / Cold